Medical Scientist Training Program

September 13, 2019

Sam Regalado

Entered 2016 | UC Berkeley

Among highly rated programs I was admitted to, the UW MSTP remained my top choice throughout the interview season. The decision to attend the UW MSTP was an easy one; how to take advantage of the endless opportunities at UW was less so. From the first-rate faculty at the lectern to the cutting-edge science in labs across campus, UW offers boundless opportunities that push back the frontiers of science and medicine. Coming to UW also means living in a city that bespeaks entrepreneurship, amazing coffee, and easy access to the natural environment. Above all, I chose the UW MSTP because of the quality of people I met during my interview and now consider family. The UW MSTP has top-notch staff and faculty that embraces an inclusive culture and prioritizes student well-being. There’s no other place I would rather be for my MD-PhD training.