Interview Visit

2024-2025 Virtual Interview Weekends:

  • January 9-10, 2025
  • January 23-24, 2025
  • February 6-7, 2025

We do not accommodate interviews on alternate dates.

Interview weekends are Thursday & Friday. We interview ~20 applicants per interview weekend.

Current MSTP students participate in interview weekends. Expect to meet many of them!

When you are invited to interview with us, we will ask you to name 10-12 faculty with research interests similar to yours. Please submit this list via your application homepage.

Individual Interviews

UW faculty value our MSTP very highly, are accessible and responsive, and enormously enjoy meeting with our applicants. We make every effort to pair you with faculty members you have asked to meet. Our directors will also provide suggestions of faculty members for you to meet given your research experience and interests.

Each student is also interviewed individually by one of the MSTP directors, one member of the MSTP admissions committee, and one MSTP student. Evaluations from all interviews are used by the admissions committee to make final decisions on offers of admission.

Admissions Committee Panel Interview

The culminating interview on Friday afternoon is a 15-minute interview with the entire MSTP admissions committee, including 7-8 faculty members and the MSTP directors. All members of the admissions committee vote on admission, based on the written application, reports from individual interviews, and results of the committee interview.