May 2, 2024

Courtnie Paschall, E-16 makes Husky 100 list

Courtnie Paschall, MSTP founder of Invirtualis Inc. has made the 2024 Husky 100 list. Courtnie’s PhD research in the School of Medicine has helped allow her to explore new pathways in medical technology and innovation through clinical experience. Leading a team of students in advanced neuroscience research and neurotechnology development, Courtnie built the first bidirectional Virtual Reality Brain Computer Interface (VR-BCI) platform for use with implanted neural devices in humans.  She gives great thanks to the School of Medicine and MSTP leadership in working with her to design an unusually entrepreneurial track to the MD.

Read Courtnie’s full response here: Today’s Medical Students, Tomorrow’s Healthcare Leaders: 2024’s Husky 100 – UW Medicine: Shortening the Distance to Healthier Lives