Program Activities

UW MSTP students frequently meet formally and informally to share ideas and enjoy life outside of school. Some of the MSTP-sponsored events are:

Spring Graduation Celebration

2023 Class Celebrating Upcoming Graduation

2022 MSTP Entering Class

The 2022 entering class during their stethoscope ceremony in front of Portage Bay

MSTP Annual Retreat

MSTP students gather for the annual summer retreat

MSTP Retreat Poster Session

Students at the MSTP summer retreat participate in a poster session

Directors' Brunch

MSTP students catch up with Program Director Dr. Marshall Horwitz

Q&A with the Directors

MSTP directors hold a Q&A at the annual retreat

White Coat Ceremony

2022 class receiving their white coats

2023 MSTP Retreat - Pack Forest

Students gather for annual retreat

2023 White Coat Ceremony

2023 class on their white coat day

2023 Cohort on their white coat day

2023 Class in front of the big W.

MSTP Retreat

MSTP students and their families meet at one of the many state parks in Washington State for a summer retreat. We welcome incoming students and share science and fellowship. Recent locations have included Semiahmoo Resort, Fort Ebey State Park, Twanoh State Park, Magnuson Park, and Sleeping Lady Resort.

Weekly Journal Club & Monthly Dinner Meetings

These meetings focus on new journal articles and on the research of MSTP students and faculty mentors. The journal club is organized by and for students. The monthly dinners are open to MSTP students and faculty. All involve supper.

2023-24 MSTP Dinner Meeting Dates & Presenter Information

September 21, 2023

Student Speaker:

Tyler Hill, PhD (E-17)
James Lab
Molecular & Cellular Biology

“Engineered plasma cells: a novel platform for long-term delivery of biologics to treat leukemia and other disease.”

Student Speaker:

Logan Condon (E-18)
Palmiter Lab

“Parabrachial Calca neurons drive nociplasticity.” 

October 5, 2023

Student Speaker:

Courtney Vishy, PhD (E-18)
Freedman Lab
Molecular & Cellular Biology

“Read-through Therapeutics for Polycystic Kidney Disease.”

Student Speaker:

Kelly McKenna (E-18)
Rongvaux Lab
Molecular & Cellular Biology

“Elucidating Mechanisms of T cell exclusion in Melanoma”


November 16, 2023

Student Speaker:

Austin Gabel, PhD (E-17)
Bradley Lab
Genome Sciences

“High-throughput functional characterization of cancer specific alternative polyadenylation”

Student Speaker:

Alyssa Noll (E-17)
Olson Lab
Molecular & Cellular Biology

“Design and Development of Bispecific T-cell Engaging Antibodies for Neuroblastoma “

January 11, 2024

Student Speaker:

Cassia Wagner (E-18)
Bedford Lab
Genome Sciences Graduate Program

“Positive selection drives ORF8 knockout in SARS-CoV-2 evolution.”

January 25, 2024

Student Speaker:

David Granadier (E-18)
Dudakov Lab
Molecular & Cellular Biology Graduate Program

“Triggered: How Damage Induced Interleukin-18 Suppresses Thymus Regeneration.”

February 8, 2024

Student Speaker:

Logan Bailey (E-18)
Davis Lab
Molecular & Cellular Biology Graduate Program

“MBNL1 Antagonizes Mammalian Heart Regeneration.”

April 4, 2024

Student Speaker

Allen Roberts, PhD
4th Year Medical Student, MSTP E-15
Barnabas Lab, Epidemiology Graduate Program

Quarterly Directors’ Suppers

1st and 2nd year students have informal suppers with our directors to discuss lab choices, coursework, and any other issues. Students will have met individually with directors between these supper meetings.

Directors’ Brunches

In the fall, we meet at the home of one of the directors for brunch and conversation.