The minimum course requirements for UW MSTP and the UW School of Medicine are the same. These courses must be completed by the time of matriculation (early summer), but preferably before an application is submitted. You may specify on the MSTP supplementary application if you have not yet satisfied all minimum requirements.

  • Biology and Chemistry — 6 semesters or 9 quarters
    For example, college level chemistry and biology, biochemistry, genetics, molecular genetics, cell biology/cell physiology.
  • Physics — 2 semesters or 3 quarters or Physics (1 semester or 2 quarters) and Math (1 semester or 2 quarters of Calculus or Linear Algebra)
  • Social sciences and Humanities — 4 semesters or 6 quarters
    For example, anthropology, classics, cultural studies/cross cultural studies, English literature, ethics, foreign language literature, history, music appreciation, philosophy, religion/theology, sociology, study abroad.

Evaluating Prerequisites

“How to” courses are not included among these pre-requisites.

For example, Spanish 101 (how to speak Spanish), English Composition (how to write), Music Theory (how to use music theory) do not satisfy the pre-requisites.

In contrast, Contemporary Spanish Literature (exploring literature, not teaching you how to write literature), Science Fiction Literature, or Comparative Politics do satisfy the pre-requisites.

Please note: The MSTP office is not able to evaluate individual transcripts for prerequisite compliance.

Recommended Courses

The following courses are recommended by the medical school, but not required:

  • Anatomy or Comparative Anatomy
  • Human or Mammalian Physiology
  • Embryology
  • Ethics

All candidates should demonstrate substantial academic ability in their major field as well as in the required science courses. Candidates should be proficient in the use of the English language, basic mathematics, personal computing, and information technologies.

For more information, please see the School of Medicine Pre-med Course Requirements