How To Apply

2020-2021 Timeline

Step 1:

Submit your AMCAS application designating University of Washington MD/PhD.

Deadline: October 15

Please note: MCAT scores are optional for our MSTP this year

We recognize that COVID-19-related disruptions have made it difficult or impossible for many applicants to take the MCAT.  For those who have not yet taken the MCAT, please do not be concerned. The MCAT will be optional for our MSTP for the remainder of 2020. That is, we will accept and evaluate applications without MCAT scores. If you have an MCAT score or pending MCAT score, it will be reported automatically to us. We will consider your application both with the score and without it.

Step 2:

This step at the UW MSTP is a little different.  You must submit the UW MSTP preliminary application, in addition to the AMCAS application. The application opens July 13th.

Deadline: December 30  for completed preliminary & supplemental applications. All application materials/fees must be received in the MSTP office by end of business day.

Step 3:

The directors are reading applications. Please wait for further instructions. No need to send anything other than the UW MSTP preliminary application until we ask.

Feel free to check out UW MSTP on Facebook or explore our website.

Deadline: If you have not heard from us within 6 weeks, please contact us at

Step 4:

Watch for an email from inviting you to complete a supplemental application.

Your application will be considered complete when we have received:

  • Your AMCAS Application
  • UW MSTP preliminary application
  • UW MSTP supplemental application
  • Application fee of $35
  • Letters of recommendation from at least 3 faculty/research mentors submitted through AMCAS
  • CASPer ® Test
  • If non US Citizen, proof of permanent residency status.

Instructions for submitting these items will be on your application homepage.

Deadline: December 30 at 5pm PST for completed application materials.

Step 5:

You may monitor your application status by checking the homepage of your application.